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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 366

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 366 – The only way out! “We cannot… but the quality of the Nine Tribulations Pill concocted will be much better if we use the Jade Snow Spirit Ginsengs. The Nine Great Herbal Medicines are considered the most precious medicines because they independently hold the rank of best ‘heaven and earth treasures’, and they have the properties which can rival any other herb… this Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng belongs to the rank of ‘heaven and earth treasure’. However, its medicinal property is lacking. Therefore, its intrinsic functions are lacking and cannot rival those of the Nine

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 283

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 283 – Fatty Passes the Test Tang Yuan was terrified. His grandfather had brought him to the entrance and gone back. He had left him to face the great Emperor on his own. So, the Fatty was extremely nervous. “Stand up. Come; have a seat,” The Emperor could not help but chuckle a smile after he saw Fatty cut such a sorry figure. His voice was affable as he waved his hand. “Many thanks, Your Majesty.” Tang Yuan used his plump hands to support himself as he crawled and stood up. He carefully wiped-away the sweat and

I Shall Seal the Heavens Chapter 1594

I Shall Seal the Heavens Chapter 1594 – Buried Within Time The top of the mountain looked the same as it always had. It was separate from the world, as beautiful as a painting. As soon as Meng Hao reached the top, he could see a coffin off in the distance, a coffin that was… empty! It was not his first time looking at the empty coffin. He had come here after Xu Qing slipped into her final slumber, which was when he had discovered that no one occupied the coffin anymore. Chu Yuyan had vanished. As for where she had

I Shall Seal the Heavens Chapter 1593

I Shall Seal the Heavens Chapter 1593 – Loneliness Years had passed. A thousand. Two thousand. Three thousand. Five thousand years had gone by in a flash. After ten thousand years in which Meng Hao never appeared in public, his name had largely been forgotten by the successive generations of cultivators. All of the older generation in the Mountain and Sea Realm had returned to the dust, and virtually no one now living had ever even heard of Meng Hao. During the ten thousand years, it wasn’t just people in the Mountain and Sea Realm who died. Cultivators passed away in

Everyone Else is a Returnee Chapter 214

Everyone Else is a Returnee Chapter 214 – I, Too – 6 After the situation was completely cleaned up, Yu IlHan and Liera first returned to the Flying fortress. Mystic was still slightly annoyed, but he ignored her. But when he was coming back with Liera in his arms, Yu IlHan thought up of one thing; that Liera was not ‘Liera’ anymore. “Then what do I call you now?” “It doesn’t matter what you call me. In fact, I’d like any name if it’s from you.” Whatever he asked now, he would get an answer like this. Yu IlHan asked with

Everyone Else is a Returnee Chapter 213

Everyone Else is a Returnee Chapter 213 – I, Too – 5 He began with her legs.. [Uuuuuuu.] “Bear with it even if its hurts.” [Ok…..] Her legs were in very serious state. Her flesh had been crumbled, muscles torn, bones twisted and broken and even her bone marrow was flowing out. The damage made him wonder how she was even alive, and made Yu IlHan’s heart ache. He couldn’t even imagine how much pain Liera herself was undergoing. However, when the armor melted into the legs, the bones became sturdier and healed as if time was flowing in reverse, new

Everyone Else is a Returnee Chapter 212

Everyone Else is a Returnee Chapter 212 – I, Too – 4 [Kuu, Kuhaaaaaah!] Liera faced it with something like a shout or a groan. Throughout its lifespan, the records and the collection of consciousness that it had gathered was not small in the least] but Liera was someone that had trained for much, much longer than that! It was natural that her spear would overwhelmed her opponent’s. [Die!] [I won’t let you kill….. IlHan!] There were already countless holes on its abdomen. A fluid shadow – one that made people wonder if it was even possible to injure such a

Martial World Chapter 969

Martial World Chapter 969 – Fairy Feng’s Summon “The Phoenix Blood Spear is a peak saint artifact quenched in Ancient Phoenix blood. It was the most magnificent treasure in Saint Artifact Pavilion and yet someone’s managed to take it away! It’s been within Saint Artifact Pavilion for 36 years already!” In Phoenix Hall, the matter of the Phoenix Blood Spear being taken instantly became the hottest topic. 36 years wasn’t anything to a Divine Lord realm powerhouse, but to the young disciples of the Vermillion Bird Hall and Phoenix Hall, it was a good portion of their life. There were even

Martial World Chapter 968

Martial World Chapter 968 – To Cause a Stir Phoenix Cry Palace had their own strictly enforced sect rules. Although Phoenix Cry Palace, and even the entire Ancient Phoenix Clan, had their own struggles with intrigue and infighting occurring behind the scenes, the assassination and ruination of talented disciples, and even the murder of others to steal their treasures, had to be done in private; they could not be publicly shown. The reputation of the sect would otherwise suffer irreparable damage. On the surface, the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s rules could not be violated by anyone. Saint Artifact Pavilion forbade private battles

Spirit Realm Chapter 419

Spirit Realm Chapter 419 – Friend or Foe? Qin Lie quietly sat atop a dark red rock. He held six Earth Grade spirit stones, three in each of his hands. Wisps of thin smoke rose from the translucent spirit stones. The spirit energy inside them was slowly being absorbed into the nerves in his palms, which were like strings that led straight to his dantian’s spirit sea. Absorbing a spirit stone’s energy obviously felt kind of different from absorbing worldly spirit energy. The energy of a spirit stone was considerably thicker and more refined than worldly spirit energy, and it was