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Against the Gods Chapter 1030

Against the Gods Chapter 1030 – Framed? The responses from the guards caused the atmosphere to stagnate yet again as Feng Huita sorrowfully said, “Young Yun, this little king’s trash guards were unable to protect you well, this little king is truly incapable… only, I wonder where Young Yun went during this hour? You didn’t encounter any danger, did you?” Feng Huita’s voice was quite polite. However, everyone could hear the grief and hatred mixed within. It was clear that Feng Huita had already come to the conclusion that the person who had killed Mu Hanyi was Yun Che. As he… Read more »

Against the Gods Chapter 1029

Against the Gods Chapter 1029 – Something Strange Yun Che swiftly moved through the darkness. Upon approaching the exit, however, he slowed down, using Hidden Flowing Lightning to rapidly retract his aura. Various noises resonated over from afar, but the medicine garden area outside of the entrance did not seem to have any abnormalities. Upon deciding it was safe, Yun Che slowly and silently exited while maintaining Hidden Flowing Lightning. He carefully moved through the darkness until he confirmed that he was outside of the perception range of the profound beast guarding the medicine garden. Then, he abrupted accelerated and raced… Read more »

Against the Gods Chapter 1028

Against the Gods Chapter 1028 – The First Gain in the God Realm “You… ugh, aghhh…” Mu Hanyi’s struggling fingers had deformed by now. His voice had become so hoarse and weak that it was impossible to hear him clearly. Although even ten breaths hadn’t passed since he was poisoned, his complexion of his body had entirely changed. The pupils of his eyes, in particular, had turned into the color of thick blood. “I thank you to bring me here, as well as giving me the opportunity and reason to kill you. Now I can take away this Qilin horn with… Read more »

Against the Gods Chapter 1027

Against the Gods Chapter 1027 – Killing with Poison “Me, insane?” Mu Hanyi indifferently cackled, “You are even more naive than I had thought. All I am doing is something which a truly able person needs to do. Even if my royal father or royal brothers were to die under the fury of the sect master, they would definitely understand me as they traveled along the path of the Yellow Springs. After all, this was all taught to me by my royal father.” “At the same time… I was forced to do all of this by you!!!” Mu Hanyi’s originally calm… Read more »

Tales of the Reincarnated Lord Chapter 370

Tales of the Reincarnated Lord Chapter 370 – Humiliation of the Duke Three days later, Duke Fisablen’s group rode haggardly past the crossing point at Southern and arrived at the main gates of Third Frontier Legion’s campsite. After taking a bath, the duke ignored the fatigue and summoned his military officers to a council meeting. The duke told them the harsh truth: they had been attacked by the four houses and First Frontier Legion had been wiped out. They had also lost Windbury and Third Frontier Legion would be the next target. A substantial commotion broke out among the officers and… Read more »

World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 331

World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 331 Murray waved his sword vertically and horizontally as the golden light was emitted from his body. The Destroyers that were rushing at him turned into flying ash… “Powerful!” Xiao Yu was taken aghast by Murray’s performance. A fifth-rank paladin was a terrifying existence. The speed and strength shown by the Murray made him look like the Superman. Xiao Yu lacked such people under his command. He had heroes who had yet to reach fifth-rank but there were only a few of them! He needed talented people. Kennedy family or Church had so… Read more »

World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 330

World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 330 Xiao Yu knew that a fifth-rank paladin meant that one person was equal in strength to a thousand man army. Anyone who had reached fifth-rank could freely enter and leave any place. Xiao Yu could kill such men using a fifth-rank warrior or group of Gryphon Riders. Nevertheless, at the moment Xiao Yu wanted to see how the undeads would cope up with Murray. It was time to see the strength of a fifth-rank paladin and Xiao Yu could kill him later after learning his defficiencies. Arthas was at level 36 but… Read more »

World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 329

World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 329 Xiao Yu choose to carry the surprise attack the same evening. The aim of the attack wasn’t to inflict heavy blow and casualties but to probe the strength of the Church’s force and their affect on undead troops. Afterwards, he was going to modify his plans according to the situation. It had to be noted that the light magic and the battle energy used by the paladins was able to damage the undeads so this test was going to help him out a lot with the future roadmap. Xiao Yu had asked… Read more »

World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 328

World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 328 “Did they arrive?” Xiao Yu sat in the hall as he listened to the reports from Leah and Maiev. “Yes.. Soon they will be joining with the Kennedy family troops. The Kennedy family troops were quite weak because of the harassment from the undeads but now they will be able to blow back the undeads.. I think its going to be very hard to resist them if both of them join and attack us too!” Leah said with a gloomy face. Xiao Yu looked as if he didn’t know anything about all… Read more »

Tales of the Reincarnated Lord Chapter 369

Tales of the Reincarnated Lord Chapter 369 – Pursuit Whap! Whap! Lorist slapped himself hard on the face and wallowed in deep regret. He didn’t think a rank 3 blademaster like Duke Fisablen would run without hesitation after crossing swords only twice. He had also been far too hasty in that he didn’t conquer the other three city gates first before coming to seek out the duke. Darn it! It’s like having a duck fly away before I even cooked it! If that old fellow manages to get away, my strategy will be greatly affected! Seeing the duke ride away with… Read more »