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Against the Gods Chapter 900

Against the Gods Chapter 900 – Heavenly Sovereign Conference “Don’t show such a terrified expression, I didn’t say I am going to kill you,” Yun Che said with a grin. “If I were to let you die so easily…” Yun Che’s eyes instantly turned cold and his voice sounded like a bone-piercing sharp blade, piercing into Xuanyuan Wendao’s soul. “How will I be able to face Uncle Xiao up in the heavens!?” Crack! Bang!! Yun Che gripped his right hand and a large bone in Xuanyuan Wendao’s throat was instantly shattered, while his left hand had also fiercely smashed onto his… Read more »

Against the Gods Chapter 899

Against the Gods Chapter 899 – Dark Clouds in Profound Sky Following after Yun Che’s arrival, the Yun household was several times more lively than before and the atmosphere of the entire Demon Imperial City had undergone a large change as well. Due to Yun Qinghong’s trust towards Yun Che, he sent a sound transmission to the various great families and duke palaces, instructing them to temporarily stop their preparations for war. However, the shadow which Xuanyuan Wentian brought to Demon Imperial City was too heavy and the tense and grayish atmosphere enveloping Demon Imperial City did not weaken because of… Read more »

Against the Gods Chapter 898

Against the Gods Chapter 898 – Ling’er Pays Respects to Her Master “The matter regarding the Little Demon Empress can no longer be delayed. This old one already has an inkling of an idea and I will definitely put in my best effort, it’s just that… everything will be up to destiny after this.” Yun Gu said a spiel of things that Yun Che did not really understand before suddenly speaking, “Little brother, could I trouble you regarding one thing?” Yun Che hurriedly replied, “Just let me know what you need Senior. Oh… this junior requests that Senior just calls me… Read more »

Against the Gods Chapter 897

Against the Gods Chapter 897 – Hope (2) The central area of the Yun household was completely quiet. Because of Yun Qinghong’s worry, he had even erected an enormous isolation barrier, as if the entire Yun Family was about to face a strong enemy. The Little Demon Empress, Yun Che, and Yun Gu were the only ones in the main hall. “Senior Medical Saint, she…” “No need for words.” Yun Gu however smiled, preventing Yun Che from explaining the Little Demon Empress’s condition as he stretched out his pair of slightly pale arms. “Allow this old one to first check her… Read more »

Against the Gods Chapter 896

Against the Gods Chapter 896 – Hope (1) Illusory Demon Realm, Demon Imperial City, Yun household. After Yun Che was sent into Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, it had been nearly a month since there was any contact. The Yun household was enveloped with an incomparably suppressive atmosphere this entire time. The Little Demon Empress and Feng Xue’er would make a visit to Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley every single day but forget about obtaining information, they couldn’t even enter it. As time elapsed, the tense atmosphere that filled Demon Imperial City grew even heavier. The various great patriarchs and dukes… Read more »

Against the Gods Chapter 895

Against the Gods Chapter 895 – The Conclusion of Azure Cloud Previously, when he heard Duan Heisha and the others talk about the “Sky Poison Pearl,” he had thought that it was only just a coincidence in name because the actual Sky Poison Pearl was already on him and there could never possibly be two Sky Poison Pearls existing in this world. However, when Yun Gu took out the “Sky Poison Pearl,” a feeling of spiritual connection reverberated clearly within his heart. The Sky Poison Pearl within his body appeared to sense it strongly and in his mind, the three words… Read more »

Against the Gods Chapter 894

Against the Gods Chapter 894 – Sky Poison Fusion “Hong’er has something delicious to eat again. This sword… even I feel like eating it when I see it.” When he stroked the White Jade Imperial Dragon Sword he obtained from Mu Yingchan, the shiny whiteness of the sword’s blade seemed like a young girl’s skin and even gafe off an extremely concentrated aura of a true dragon. Yun Che muttered a few words, placed the sword into the Sky Poison Pearl, and then descended. Ice that was several kilometers thick sealed all the members of the three sects within. The weakest… Read more »

Against the Gods Chapter 893

Against the Gods Chapter 893 – Crippling Three Monarchs After all of his profound energy had leaked out of his body, Duan Heisha’s entire body became soaked in cold sweat and he resembled a drowning dog that had just been fished out of the water. His constantly twitching limbs and face showed that he was still alive. After receiving just a single blow from Yun Che, Seven Stars Divine Palace’s Palace Chief Duan Heisha’s profound veins had become completely crippled and all of his profound energy had been reduced to nothing. “Pa… Pal… Pala… Palace Chief…” Those elders who were rushing… Read more »

Against the Gods Chapter 892

Against the Gods Chapter 892 – Debts of Past and Present It was as if someone had suddenly poured a bucket of cold water over Mu Yingchan’s head as his entire body went completely rigid. This sound seemed to come from the empty space that had abruptly ruptured as it echoed in his ears. As the Sect Master of Soaring Celestial Sword Sect, one of the three most powerful people in the Azure Cloud Continent, he actually had not detected the aura of the owner of that voice before it had appeared. What was even more terrifying was the fact that… Read more »

Against the Gods Chapter 891

Against the Gods Chapter 891 – The Other Sky Poison Pearl (2) “Ah,” Su Ling’er, who was bathing in the wind, exclaimed out when Yun Che suddenly stopped and she hurriedly asked, “Big Brother Yun Che, what’s wrong?” “Master…” Yun Che muttered out absentmindedly. Then, he forcefully turned his body. He was about to wildly charge over regardless of the costs. However, the moment he gathered his profound energy, his reason took over and suppressed the impulse. The “Yun Gu” which Duan Heisha shouted out earlier, was his master’s name! The name of the “Medical Saint” whom everyone in the Azure… Read more »