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Against the Gods Chapter 910

Against the Gods Chapter 910 – Vicious Battle in the Ocean Depths (1) “Yun Che, is he… is he dead?” a Divine Phoenix Sect Elder asked with an expression of shock and fear on his face. At first, they had seen the darkness completely extinguishing Yun Che’s flames and then they had all witnessed Xuanyuan Wentian’s Sword of No Return explode against Yun Che before seeing Yun Che fall into the ocean region while spraying blood all over the place. So even if he was not dead, he was definitely already heavily wounded. On the contrary, Xuanyuan Wentian who had raced… Read more »

Against the Gods Chapter 909

Against the Gods Chapter 909 – Absolute Sword of No Return “Oh? You actually only suffered minor injuries?” Looking at Yun Che’s condition, deep astonishment flashed within Xuanyuan Wentian’s pitch-black eyes, however, he immediately flashed a cold smile right after. “Very good, this sovereign shall enjoy your struggles to the fullest!” Xuanyuan Wentian’s voice turned arrogant. The moment he released the power of the divine way, Yun Che’s strength could no longer suppress him in the slightest. He let out a loud laugh as the Eternal Night Devil Sword struck down. A dark sword beam that was close to three hundred… Read more »

Against the Gods Chapter 908

Against the Gods Chapter 908 – The Frightening Strength of the Divine Way “In this world, Feng Xue’er possessed the purest divine blood. In several years time, she would definitely be able to breakthrough to the Divine Profound Realm and become the first person in the entire history of the Profound Sky Continent to attain the divine way. After that, she would still have a limitless future and unlimited possibilities. “And you, Xuanyuan Wentian, not only would you be unable to breakthrough to the Divine Profound Realm, there is also no future for you either! Furthermore, since your bloodline and soul… Read more »

Against the Gods Chapter 907

Against the Gods Chapter 907 – Devil Sword, Power of the Divine Profound Though Xuanyuan Wentian was one of the Four Sacred Masters of the Profound Sky Continent, when he was young, he was a person with mediocre talent. Furthermore, in a place like Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, his aptitude could not even be considered mediocre. If not because of the surname “Xuanyuan” he held, he would have been ousted out of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region like the progenitor of Heavenly Sword Villa due to his poor aptitude. Profound Sky Continent was a world where the profound reigned supreme and a… Read more »

Against the Gods Chapter 906

Against the Gods Chapter 906 – Beneath the Divine Profound, All Are Ants (2) “AAAAAHHHH—!!” Xuanyuan Wentian’s miserable cry practically shook the heavens and the earth and those who were in Supreme Ocean Palace, which was fifty kilometers away, could clearly hear it. They looked towards the north and a look of deep shock and disbelief appeared on everyone’s faces. “That miserable scream… belonged to Xuanyuan Wentian!?” “That cry belongs to Xuanyuan Wentian!” “Could it be that… Could it be that Xuanyuan Wentian isn’t Yun Che’s match? Could it be that Yun Che has heavily injured Xuanyuan Wentian?” a profound practitioner… Read more »

Against the Gods Chapter 905

Against the Gods Chapter 905 – Beneath the Divine Profound, All Are Ants (1) Yun Che’s indifferent look clearly meant that he was not going to save the people from Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Supreme Ocean Palace. Zi Ji carried Qu Fengyi who was on her dying breath with a single arm and shouted out with all his might while enduring immense pain, “Asgard Master Yun, please… with your magnanimity… save us…” “Save you?” not even turning his head around, Yun Che coldly said. “No matter how many grudges I have with Divine Phoenix Sect, I am now after all half… Read more »

Against the Gods Chapter 904

Against the Gods Chapter 904 – Annihilated with Bare Hands The moment the three forces began their joint attack on their common enemy… Or to be exact, before their attack had yet to officially begin, they had already crumbled apart. Terrifying energy waves pushed everyone else to the edges of the Sea God Arena and not a single person from the forces of the seven nations were not shaking in their boots, their hearts filled with terror. The strongest out of the seven nations—Divine Phoenix Sect; two of the Four Sacred Grounds and even the two that were ranked highest in… Read more »

Against the Gods Chapter 903

Against the Gods Chapter 903 – Eternal Night Heavenly Devil Miasma “Very good, this is very good indeed. It should be as lively as this. It is only when it’s like this that it truly becomes the Heavenly Sovereign Conference, hahahahahaha!” Xuanyuan Wentian threw his head back and let out a great laugh. It was as if he felt that the more people who rebelled against him, the better. “Feng Hengkong, this sovereign truly wishes that your Phoenix God was still alive today. If that was the case, then this sovereign would be able to personally enjoy the thrill of killing… Read more »

Against the Gods Chapter 902

Against the Gods Chapter 902 – Those Who Obey Will Survive, Those Who Resist Will Perish “Saint Emperor, that was well said!” Spiritual Master Bitter Agony and Spiritual Master Nine Lamentations moved to stand at the left and right of Huangji Wuyu. All of the profound energy around their body was surging and the determination to see this to the bitter end was clearly reflected in their eyes. Once the Saint Emperor had said his piece, all of the spiritual masters, elders and disciples of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary left their seats to stand behind Huangji Wuyu. Huangji Wuyu’s words had completely… Read more »

Against the Gods Chapter 901

Against the Gods Chapter 901 – Conferring Himself the Title of Heavenly Sovereign “Fen… Fen Juechen!?” At the corner of the seats, Dongfang Xiu and Qin Wushang, who came as representatives for the Blue Wind Royal Family, lost control of their voices and shouted. It was their first time in a land governed by the strongest like Supreme Ocean Palace and it was their first time meeting this many peerless experts as well. They, who could be considered experts standing at the apex in the Blue Wind Empire, were as frail as ants here, however, they had no choice but to… Read more »