Release that Witch

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RTW, 放开那个女巫

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Chinese Novel


Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural

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Er Mu, 二目


Cheng Yan transmigrated only to end up in a medieval Europe like world, becoming Roland, a royal prince. But this world doesn’t seem to be the same as his former world, despite some similarities. Witches are real and they actually can use magic?

Follow Roland’s battle for the throne against his siblings. Will he be able to win, even though the king already declared him to be a hopeless case and with the worst starting situation? With his knowledge of modern technologies and the help of the witches, who are known as devils’ servants and are hunted by the the Holy Church, he might have a fighting chance.

Now, let his journey begin.



Release that Witch Chapter 75

Release that Witch Chapter 75 – Holy Mountain (Part 1) Cara could hear the shortened breathing of the other witches. “Someone else has to take over,” said Cara loudly, “Leaves, you will carry me next.” The walk through the Impassable Mountain range was especially taxing during the snowy winter season. Every day, the forty-two witches had to find a suitable place to the camp, where they also could re-empower their badge so that they could resist the freezing temperatures at night. “Yes, respected Mentor,” the witch in front of Cara answered while squatting down. When Leaves stepped to Cara’s side, Cara… Read more »

Release that Witch Chapter 74

Release that Witch Chapter 74 – Shipbuilding Project “What? Why aren’t we able to afford to buy it?” Roland asked while going through the analysis of his request to obtain a two masted ship, which had been put on the table within his office. Barov cleared his throat and then he explained, “Your Highness, it’s impossible. A brig costs between 80 to 120 gold royals, but this would only be the manufacturing cost. We also have to take into account the wages of the crew. Taking all additional costs into consideration we would need to pay up to 200 gold royals…. Read more »

Release that Witch Chapter 73

Release that Witch Chapter 73 – Artillery Test In the west of Border Town, near the Chishui river. The snow didn’t permit the cart to move a single step further; the entire group of people had already spent half a day dragging the carriage to the artillery field. “What is this?” asked Carter, who had already become somewhat accustomed to the fact that the Prince would repeatedly come up with new inventions, “Is this just a bigger gun?” “You are almost right,” Roland confirmed. He directed his men to remove the cover so that he could personally adjust the angle of… Read more »

Release that Witch Chapter 72

Release that Witch Chapter 72 – Holding court as a King Timothy Wimbledon sat on the throne, rubbing the scepter in his hand while overlooking the ministers within the pantheon. This is the feeling I have striven for, he thought, instead of being held back in Valencia, where I had to oversee the endless tangle between merchants, who only fought for their own benefit. He stopped the rubbing of the scepter, and began tapping its end on the floor, letting it sound through the hall. When all eyes were focused on him, he nodded and ordered, “You may begin.” “Your Majesty, I have something… Read more »

Release that Witch Chapter 71

Release that Witch Chapter 71 – Spy (Part 2) In addition to starting the fire in the fireplace, Barov had also placed a mahogany candelabra on the table. This candelabra had one base which split into four branches. One in the middle, which was also the highest, and three branches which enclosed the middle branch in a triangular shape. A burning candle was placed on each branch, and the candelabra looked like a bright mountain as they burned. The room was full of the scent of pine oil, resembling a sweet and rotten wood odor, making people feel drowsy. However, within… Read more »

Release that Witch Chapter 70

Release that Witch Chapter 70 – Spy (Part 1) “Groundhog” Kohl was somewhat anxious as he looked out of the window. In this hell-like place, it was snowing without end. He thought that the sky looked exactly like his grandmother’s sheets which she hadn’t washed for years, both of them dirty and gray. Even though he couldn’t see the sun, he still had another way to judge the hour. That ‘way’ was the militia training; as long as the weather permitted, the militia would run every morning (at 8 am) around the town square. The group of idiots had already started it… Read more »

Release that Witch Chapter 69

Release that Witch Chapter 69 – Cannon System Four days later in the backyard. Two deep holes were dug in the ground. Each hole was in a circular shape, and the deeper it went, the narrower its radius became. At ground level, its diameter was around 40 cm but its deepest part expanded to only 26 cm. These holes were the molds that Roland intended to use to produce his cannon prototypes. The inner walls of the holes were baked and hardened by Anna. She burned it so long that its surface was without any flaws, just like a shell. She… Read more »

Release that Witch Chapter 68

Release that Witch Chapter 68 – Funeral The funeral was held within an area south of Border Town, on the edge of the wasteland. To call it a wasteland wasn’t correct. Van’er didn’t know when, but one day someone had built a small stone fence around this area. Since then, no one showed any interest in the piece of land. The wall was covered with thick snow, and when observed from afar it looked like it laid under a coat of silver. Although the wall wasn’t high, it was easy to step over it. Whenever Van’er saw this wall, he couldn’t… Read more »

Release that Witch Chapter 67

Release that Witch Chapter 67 – Battle of Hermes (Part 2) The expected final battle didn’t happen. A soldier went to a woman standing in the front line and pressed against her sword to keep her back. “Stand back.” His voice wasn’t loud, but it was still clear and strong. Alicia noticed that even after the intervention of this unknown person, her side was still holding their positions. Looking closer, she could see a “I” on the man’s sleeve and under it was written “God’s Army of Punishment” She tilted her head, and not far from them a team of tall… Read more »

Release that Witch Chapter 66

Release that Witch Chapter 66 – (Battle of Hermes Part 1) As the freezing cold rain fell, it diluted the smell of blood that covered the whole of New Holy City. While in these inhuman conditions, Alicia was fighting for her life by swinging her great sword while violently panting. It wasn’t her first time participating in the battle to defend Hermes, but she had never thought that there would come a day when the New Holy city could fall. The walls were completely destroyed. In her whole life, Alicia had never seen such a horrible monster. A huge worm-like hybrid beast… Read more »